We are Next.

At Next we’ve built a diverse multi-disciplinary team of designers, developers and strategists with the real world experience to execute your ideas. We have the skills and experience to consistently take ideas from a simple sketch to a real world product.

Have a great new product idea or need to digitally transform your business? We are your team.

Our services

Digital Product Strategy

Whether you need us to build a complete solution from scratch or fix a tired and broken product, our team will help you reach your goal.

Interface Design

We create interfaces that are delightful and intuitive, helping you tell stories and solve problems with design.


We keep things simple and scalable working with our clients to make ideas come to life on desktop or mobile.

New Ventures

Good ideas are worth investing in and with our collective knowledge of tech and design we can bring your ideas to life. We’ve already done that with our own ideas – check out Done and CSSCO, or get in touch if you have an idea worth sharing.

We Make Things That Matter.

Our approach

We help our clients realise their ideas from day one by starting with a strategic discovery session where we aim to clearly define the problem with the client. Once defined, our designers and developers collaborate to solve the problem and execute the solution. It’s in this process that we create innovative products, websites and apps for mobile and web.

What design means to us

At Next, everyone involved in the creation process, designs. Whether you do that with code, words, sketches or software is irrelevant. If you’re making or shaping the way a product works, you’re designing. We have a bias towards making which means we focus on creating sketches, prototypes and working ideas as early as possible.

Iterating towards success

Building a minimum-viable product enables us to test with users and get feedback early on in the process, confirming sooner rather than later whether the solution we have built is right. Starting small and iterating towards a stable and robust product makes big failures unlikely and turns small failures into lessons.

The less we know about the future, the less time we should spend guessing without trying.

Our clients

We’ve worked with some some amazing partners.

Our handbooks

Working at Next

Start here if you’re a new employee or interested in finding out about our company culture, processes and tooling.

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Designing at Next

If you’re part of the design team at Next, this handbook will get you up to speed on our design philosophy, processes and tools.

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Developing at Next

This handbook provides our front and back-end developers with all the information and best practices needed to get up and running.

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Let’s work together

If you’re ready to kick off a project or would like to talk to us about an idea, contact us.

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